skipPERFSkip Perf Rings and Blades:¬†Jump perf at full press speed with HART Skip perf blades thick or thin. Hit skip with new snipit blades or standard hardened blade shipped in 1-3 days. Blades cut by shearing ( scissor ) rather than cutting against an anvil, no bounce. Interchangeable with Circut , Skip Perf, Skip Snip, Snipits and Thin perf blades they mount on HART, CirCut or Harris rings. David K. Hart Co. Incorporated 1976. Microfinish slitter blades are available from 4″ to 12″ O.D. for industrial slitters.

NEW! Clean Cut Skip Perf Rings and Blades to run smooth jump perfs.
1/8″ hardened steel or the newer thin “snipit” blades shipped in 0-2 days.

FAST! jump perf at full press speed
HARDENED thick or thin
VERSATILE! Any in-line perforating, slitting or combination pattern
EASY TO MOUNT! Split shell construction
ACCESSIBLE! Clamps with registration with adjacent punch rings