Magnetic Die Cylinders: HART Magnetic die-cutting cylinders help save time and money on every job. Converters of labels, envelopes, business forms, folding cartons can reduce the need for Hard-Tooling by using a magnetic cylinder and flexible anvil dies. Economical, light weight, durable, easy to store flexible steel dies mount quickly and wrap tightly around ruggedly built ceramic magnetic cylinders. Replace several tool steel engraved cylinders with just one magnetic cylinder. Then prep new jobs in minutes by changing die plates that weigh a few ounces instead of heavy cylinders.


Stainless steel cylinder with permanent magnets embedded into the surface. The magnets hold the flexible steel die plate on the cylinder. The flexible die plate is the only part to change when changing dies. Takes the place of solid engraved tool steel dies. Magnetic Flexible Dies have a fully machined knife edge and are mechanically engraved for high precision and long run.